The Press and The People Reporting The News

12 years ago when Columbine happened we heard about it through the TV News, or by someone calling us to tell us about it. Back then the speculation was to a minimum, information wasn’t readily available and most of what was reported was assumed to be the truth! Today with social media and internet the media and news agency’s use that for information and to broadcast the news. Yes there is still news on the old boob tube, but the internet is the fastest way to get the news to you and I.

That is where it all goes wrong. for instance, there are local news agency’s out there that re trying to be the nice guy, saying stuff like, (not quoted) remember to them its a  assignment to us its home. Hmmm! Now we know what its like to be swarmed upon! Another example, Holmes buys gun after failing test, the headline reads. Readers respond. Readers re-post “omg he could not pass a gun test but was sold a gun” If they would have read the story, he failed a test at his school, then bought a gun. They don’t say whether he bought it that day or the day after or a week after! But they work the headline to make them seem like they know what they are doing! When all they are doing is promoting fear!The state of Colorado reported that gun sales where up since the shootings, I contribute that to the mass media reporting over and over again the same information.

I’m not advocating for gun ownership or your right or not right to own a gun. But I think the media is to blame allot for what happens in the world today! The first 15 minutes of most news broadcast are about tragedy death and violence, every am midday evening and late night news! I once FB messaged Angie Austin when she was on WB2/ Fox and asked her “why do you report such tragic news the first 15min of your show every day, isn’t there good news to report? she responded with something like, that is the news that sells, I’ll forward your question to my producers!

I think if the local, national and world media took a little discretion and showed some control and reported on the truth and not speculation then the world would be or could be just a little more real to everyone!







p.s. i don’t give a shit about gamma or spelling you don’t like it don’t read it!

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